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Post-Surgical Care

It is normal right after liposuction, Smart-lipo and tummy tuck to notice a hardness or lumpiness in the areas treated with liposuction, Smart-lipo and tummy tuck, especially in the abdominal area and even more so if combined with other body contouring procedures. This post-surgical lymphedema is caused by inflammation and trauma from the cannula (instrument that sucks out the fat) moving under the skin. Channels are formed by the cannula that can fill up with fluid and the tissue also becomes swollen. Manual Lymphatic Drainage helps to move the fluid by gently pumping it back into the lymph vessels and can reduce the discomfort that comes from swelling. Without Lymphatic Drainage the inflammation can evolve into fibrosis (a permanent hardening of the tissue) or a seroma (pocket of serum) can form. Many doctors prescribe Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, after liposuction to make sure their patients get the best possible results from their procedure. 

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy greatly reduces healing time for bruises by cleansing the extracellular spaces where these substances are trapped. Performed properly it is not painful. It is NOT traditional massage. It is a specialized bodywork modality that uses a gentle, rotating, pumping motion that moves the lymph fluid without increasing the blood circulation.


Post Op Lymphatic

Lymph nodes throughout the body become clogged with dead cells, uric and lactic acid, causing pain, stagnation and swelling in the affected areas. By using long stretching strokes, fluid and waste matter are drained from the area, leaving joints and surrounding affected areas pain free with improved ease of movement. 

Highly recommended after liposuction, tummy tuck and plastic surgeries also for cellulite and fat deposits. 

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Postsurgery Package

Lymphatic Drainage is the most effective type of post-liposuction treatment and can be combined with a variety of other therapies including ultrasound, cavitation, RadioFrequency, infrared light, passive gym, pressotherapy, and vacuum therapy. 

We have over 17 years of experience and draw on techniques from both Colombia and Europe, making us one of the best in the industry. 

Try it today and see the difference after your first session! 

Single treatments are $120. Purchase a package of ten for just $1000 (Saving of $200).

Note: Once the package of treatment is paid and after 20 days of non-attendance Borod Spa will terminate your package without a refund or exchange.

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